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MINEVIK Machinery is a leading and pioneering enterprise with the most advanced international level in R&D, manufacturing and selling of large-scale crushing & screening plants and beneficiation plants.

large-scale crushing & screening plants and beneficiation plants.

All of our equipment have got ISO international quality system certification, European Union CE certification and Russian GOST certification.

  • In central China-Zhengzhou, covering 140 thousand square meters
  • Win-win cooperation and create more value to customers
  • Exported large quantities and high-end mobile crushing plant and milling equipments to Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Ecuador, South Africa, Nigeria, Turkey more than 100 countries .

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AS a leading global manufacturer of crushing and milling equipment, we offer including quarry, aggregate, grinding production and complete stone crushing plant. We also supply individual crushers and mills as well as spare parts of them.


Our goal is to guarantee the excellent operation equipment with high safety for our customers and minimize the downtime of the machine by predictive maintenance. Kefid service and original accessories can be 100% trusted at the time of maintenance.


Minevik service and original accessories can be 100% trusted at the time of maintenance.


striving to enable customers to get the parts in the nearest place.


Our sales market is spread all over more than 100 countries and regions

Hollow Grind Making

Knife Making Tutorial- How to Hollow Grind a Knife

28/06/2012· Using a "doubler plate" and "table saw analogy " to hollow grind a blade. Part 1 Duration: 7:58. Travis James Wuertz 20,488 views

Freehand hollow grinding, knife making

09/08/2016· If you're interested in purchasing one of my production models send me an email [email protected] Thank you for the support!

hollow grind

06/04/2010· Knife making at the Dan-D shop (1828 Bowie) Woodturning log to a flowers art!! 【木工旋盤】職人技で木の枝から花のオブジェを作る!

A Simple Hollow Grinding Jig Instructables

A Simple Hollow Grinding Jig: This is a jig I threw together from things in my shop that makes it easy to create hollow-ground knife bevels. I would have made an instructable out of it, but I don't have any pictures of the process and it's pretty easy to see how the thing goes...

What is a Hollow Ground Blade? (with pictures)

01/10/2019· A hollow ground blade is a knife blade that has been ground down to create a characteristic concave, beveled edge along the cutting edge of the knife. This effect is accomplished by starting the grind below the midpoint of the knife, creating a small wedge with concave sides that is extremely sharp and very easy to care for. Many mass produced

Hollow grinding theory | BladeForums

29/04/2009· The hollow grinding done first is not a necessity. It just removes the majority of material, making it 10 times easier, with much less heat when doing the flats, than if I were to start without the hollow grinding. Making any sense ? Here's a few pics of tapered tangs, from the side and from the top.

27 Best Hollow grind images | Belt grinder, Knife making

24 Sep 2018 Explore hicks0933's board "Hollow grind" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Belt grinder, Knife making and Knife grinding jig.

Grind Wikipedia

Convex grind — Rather than tapering with straight lines to the edge, the taper is curved, though in the opposite manner to a hollow grind. Such a shape keeps a lot of metal behind the edge, making for a stronger edge while still allowing a good degree of sharpness. This grind can be used on axes and is sometimes called an axe grind. As the

Knife Making Hollow Grinds made easy using an Oregon

03/07/2018· Knife Making Hollow Grinds made easy using an Oregon Blade Maker 10 inch Large Wheel. This video is a product review of the Oregon Blade Maker 10" Large Wheel and a demonstration of doing hollow

Making a Knife Grinding Jig The easy way

13/08/2018· Making a knife grinding jig the easy way, thats easy to use and get consistent grinds every-time on both sides of the knife, I used 50mm aluminium angle as

Grind Wikipedia

Convex grind — Rather than tapering with straight lines to the edge, the taper is curved, though in the opposite manner to a hollow grind. Such a shape keeps a lot of metal behind the edge, making for a stronger edge while still allowing a good degree of sharpness. This grind can be used on axes and is sometimes called an axe grind. As the

Blade Grinds | AGRussell

The hollow grind does have a disadvantage of course. Since there is less material supporting the edge, it can chip or roll over with hard use which make hollow grinds unfavorable in large format knives like machetes. If you need your knife to be a supreme slicer, the hollow grind will perform admirably. Dressing your game requires a knife that

Want to learn more about knife grinds? Knivesandtools!

Hollow grind. As the name might already suggest the hollow grind is hollow. Traditionally speaking a hollow grind was applied by pushing the side of the blade to a large, spinning, grinding wheel. Because of the curve of the stone a hole would emerge which would stretch out over the entire length of the blade.

What's the Best Kind of Knife Grind? Blade Magazine

17/04/2018· Knifemaker Bob Dozier, well known for making hard-use knives, prefers the hollow grind as well. “Since I make mostly hunting knives, I prefer the drop-point blade style. Since Bob Loveless popularized the drop point, it’s been the most popular shape for hunting knives for many decades now. Also, for a hunting knife, the hollow grind is the best as it stays thin at the edge much longer.”

What is a Hollow Grind? ⋆ Daddystayshome

Many mass-produced knives have hollow ground blades, as they’re also easy to manufacture and customers prefer knives that are easy to sharpen. When making a hollow ground blade, a grinding wheel cuts a convex scoop from the blade. The knife’s cutting edge is found at the base of the scoop, and it’s very fine and therefore extremely sharp.

Hollow Grind a Knife using Hollow Grind Jig Pinterest

How to Hollow Grind a Knife using Homemade Hollow Grind Jig .. Saved from Found on Bing from www.pinterest See more. hollow grind. Knife Grinding Jig Knife Grinder Bench Grinder Metal Working Tools Metal Tools Belt Grinder Plans Homemade Machine Benchmade Knives Knife Making Tools. Knife making at the Dan-D shop (1828 Bowie) gert gert. In this video I show my homemade knife making

Hollow Grind with Homemade Hollow Grinding Jig |

Daryl Belnap Flat/Hollow Knife Grinding Videos. New Hollow Grinding Jig CAD Design to Replace the Old One See more. Knife Grind Basics! Hollow, Flat, Scandi, Convex, and Chisel Grinds. Knife Making. In this video knife maker Walter Sorrells discusses the advantages and disadvantages of various grind types -- flat grind, hollow grind, convex grind, ScandiJames Cook knifemaking. Hollow, Flat

Jantz Hollow Grinding Jig | KnifeDogs Forums

23/09/2014· I got the "Hollow Grinding Made Easy Jig" a few years ago when I bought a used Burr King, never really used it. New the top sells for $419 and the elevator is an additional $200. How about $300 for both + shipping from Pittsburgh or we can talk about maybe meeting somewhere if I'm in the...

Sharpening a Hollow Ground Knife

Sharpening a Hollow Ground Knife. Whether you call it a hollow ground or a hollow grind, you can sharpen these knives with ease. A hollow grind is produced when you use a wheel to sharpen the edge of a knife. Because there is less material directly behind the edge, this type of edge is less durable (although the degree to this is more

What does 'hollow grind' mean in the context of knife

It is basically what it sounds like. A flat grind is what you typically see in knives, and is my personal favorite way to make them since it allows for easy sharpening. It’s simply making a flat secondary edge (bevel), giving it a very simple look...

hollow grind jig Tools and Tool Making Bladesmith's

01/01/2015· Im wanting to make a hallow grind jig. I suck at hollow grinding and desperatly need to figure out some kind of jig but dont have $500 to spend on one. Theres got to be an easy soulution for building one and was wondering if anyone has a plan or an idea. I

Need to make very shallow hollow grindsurface grinder?

03/03/2016· Need to make very shallow hollow grindsurface grinder? First post here but I've found very helpful info in the past and know you guys can help me if anyone can! So I'm making some scissor blades and, prior to putting the grind in I surface ground both sides to make sure they were flat.

Full Flat Grind vs Hollow Grind | BladeForums

28/03/2011· Something else is that a hollow grind is nice when making shallow cuts where the spine does not pass through whatever is being cut. I prefer a FFG when making deeper cuts as it won't bind up in what I am cutting. A hollow ground knife may not slide through the material as easily depending on the spine thickness and how high the grind goes on

Hollow grind help posted in the knifemaking community

Hollow grind help Any idea if it is possible to rig a 2 by 42 belt grinder to be able to hollow grind? the one i'm using only has 2 bearings it runs on so i don't know how i could mount a contact wheel on it.

Share your tips, hollow grinding straight razor

27/11/2019· I always use the work rest. The shape and size of a razor make it easy to grind, the thinness of the grind makes it difficult. There are different types of hollow grinds, 1/4 hollow, 1/2 hollow, 3/4 hollow and full hollow. It depends on how much of the flattish area is from the edge to the spine. A full hollow looks like a "T" shape in cross

Radius Master Hollow Grinding Jig

Radius Master Hollow Grinding Jig John Price has come up with a clever addition to his excellent Radius Master linisher a hollow grinding jig. Hollow grinding was previosly difficult on the due to your left hand hitting the motor when using the big wheel.

Hollow grinding Africa

20/11/2013· Hollow grinding technique is about establishing the hollow and then getting the feel for the wheel sitting in the hollow consistently, It is more difficult the larger the diameter of your wheel as smaller wheels have a deeper, more pronounced hollow. In my experience getting a smooth sweeping lead in grind line is about using a smooth motion in

What is the ideal size of wheel for hollow grinding

31/03/2016· I just bought a new grinder with a 14 inch wheel on it to do hollow grinding. I am running into trouble because I can't see the hollow grind in the blade. The wheel is so large it doesn't seem to make a scoop in the blade. What size wheel do you guys suggest using to get good hollow grinds...

Hollow Grinding Jig | BladeForums

09/11/2017· I have literally learned more about grinding free handing my last two knives than I have in the all of my previous 12-15 knives. I was trying to step my game up and hollow grind a blade with some re-curve in it. Got it to the point it was ready for heat treat. Needless to say I found out my abilities real quick when I tried to grind it to final

Hollow Grinding Jig | Page 3 | BladeForums

26/01/2019· A small work rest will allow the knife maker a place to rest his fingers and/or the spine of the knife while establishing a hollow grind bevel. While some may consider this use of a rest to be amateur or unmanly I would just point out that knife makers like Bob Loveless, Steven R Johnson, Nick Wheeler, Johnny Stout, and other fine knife makers


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